Pugs In The Kitchen - Company Message

My dog is a rescue girl. Ella hates treats of all kinds yet the first time I gave her one of yours she ate it in 2 seconds and looked at me for more.”
Jessie Rice

“Miss Patsy Pug loves all her yummy goodies from Pugs In The Kitchen!!!! She looks especially pretty in her new custom bling! <3”
Rainey Adams

“My four dogs *love* PITK treats, but their favorite so far is the chicken and lavender, altho pumpkin peanut butter treats run a close second. I personally appreciate that you make wholesome treats for my allergy gal Lizzie. She gets to have nummy treats, and her sisters love them, too!  We usually buy a nice assortment by the pound and keep them in the freezer so we always have PITK snacks.”
Susan Hobbs

“Winston & Samantha LOVE their Pugs in the Kitchen treats.  They have a lot of puggy skin issues, allergies..you name it, we've had it.  Usually new foods can cause irritations, flare ups, etc.  We have had NO issues with any of the PITK treats that we order.  I usually buy them in bulk and freeze a few bags.  The kids know what the bags look like and get so excited when I pull them out.   

As a pug mommy, I spare no expense for my babies, but the price of PITK treats is right and so I don't have to splurge to get them. I am happy knowing that the kids get so excited to eat the treats and that I don't have to worry about recalls, allergies, or any issues.  Samantha also knows that they have fun stuffed squeaky toys - I made the mistake of getting one and now she expects to see it every time a new order comes.  They are washable and stuffed with happiness! 

Thank you PITK for the yummy treats made with love.   

Winston & Samantha - see our pic below! 
(Mommy too)”
Lindsay M. Aaronson

“Hi, our poochies Harleigh & Ginger LOVED their PITK treats!!! I have told all our friends with poochies of their own they should definitely try PITK treats :-) ”
Andrea Perre

“My experiences with PITK are nothing but GREAT. I made my first order in 2012 for my dog Noodles’ Easter basket. I ordered 2 kinds and I cannot remember what they were – but one had bacon in it. Easter Sunday comes around and Noodles can hardly contain herself because she is so excited about her basket of PITK treats. We carefully portioned them out over the next month or two (we kept them in the fridge) so she could enjoy them and maintain her girlish figure. This year she made it clear she wanted more PITK treats for her basket. She got them and so did her cousin Molly – along with a toy and a collar decoration. Yep….. they loved it all. The tag ended up on my key chain but the dogs have complete control over the rest. Re the business end of the transaction – it was easy and the treats arrived lickety split. Anytime I have questions re the products – Boom, they have the answers! We love you PITK!”
Katherine Hamilton