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November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month
We'd like to share your photos and stories about the senior dog you adopted!

To get things started, here is my very own Gus!  He was a stray picked up by Indianapolis Animal Care and Control almost 5 years ago.  IACC called Kentuckiana Pug Rescue and KPR then put out a plea for a foster home.  They had difficulty finding a foster home, so I convinced my husband to take him in.  He was already an older dog, we guessed around 9 or 10.  And we have no idea why he would have been a stray.  I'm guessing that he was probably from a breeder since he was not fixed and he was too old to be useful to them any more.  This was our first senior rescue and I have loved every minute with the old dog!  He has more personality than a lot of people I have met!  Everyone knows and loves Gus Gus!  And don't you dare make him wait for his dinner!  He can somehow tell time and when 6:00 comes around, don't dare be a minute late with his food or you will hear it from Gus!   ~Vikki

Jade Marie Moulton is my first dog and my heart and soul.  I had been looking to adopt a pug when I heard about the passing of a man with two availablepugs.  I said yes, sight unseen to the five year old girl pug and helped find a home for the boy.  George, Jade’s baby daddy, went to live with our good friends and Jadey came to our house, much to my husband’s chagrin.  She came in, peed on my husband’s shoes, the cat’s condo and the couch; then settled herself into being my best friend.  She follows us everywhere we go, from hammock to back yard to couch and with every Happy Hair (to quote Chubbs) that shows up on her chin, I love her more and more!  She is 10 now and though I worry about her advanced age she still makes me smile every single day with her silly antics. 
The old lady pugs are the way to go!   ~Jennifer Moulton

I don't know if my story would count, but I adopted a lovely senior named Gertie in February, 2012!  She was a lovely little pug who the rescue group said was 9 years old. My vet here said she was at least 12 to 13 years (I always take them to my vet when I adopt/foster them, for a check up)!  Anyway, she was great; she got cold so I often put a fleece sweater on her.  She was quiet and unassuming but unfortunately our bad valley air caused her to wheeze and have breathing difficulties.  So I took her back to Ventura (which is beautiful and by the ocean).  She got better air and thrived again, with her foster mom.  

We enjoyed the short time with her and she was a lovely little pug!

That's why I said I don't know if my story counts, because she went back home to Ventura.   ~Karen Franklin  (Of course your story counts, Karen!  -Vikki)

My name is Melanie and my husband is Stan. Our love-pug is Carley. She is a senior black pug that my husband and I rescued from a local humane society in October 2012. She was estimated to be ten years old when we got her and seemed to be very well trained. We fell in love immediately! I mean, look at her face…who wouldn’t fall in love!?
Our first vet visit was a bit troubling. She had pigmentary keratitis, allergies to her food, was slightly overweight, and didn’t have any of her shots up to date. We have since gotten her all fixed up and spoiled her to pieces! Sometimes I think Carley is annoyed with how much we shower affection on her, but deep down I know she adores it.
Carley is lovable, stubborn, cute, silly, ornery, and smart. She is one of the best things that happened to my husband and I!   ~Melanie Fannin

This is Dewey.  He is 10 years old and was free on Craigslist in KC.  Several of us contacted the woman about him.  Not sure why she chose me, but there is a reason for everything.  When I picked him up they basically tossed him in my arms sending him off with nothing but a little toy.  She said she had to get rid of him cause the baby was allergic, but…the baby was in the car..no red spotches, sneezing or itching.  The way I figure it is they got tired of him cause he is old and had a lot of medical issues.  Dewey is deaf, has a ruptured disc that has caused a hump in his back and has affected his ability to walk normally and the feelings in one of his hind legs.  He is also incontinent at times and doesn’t have control over his bowels.  With proper vet care, supplements and acupuncture, I’m proud to report Dewey is getting around famously.  I love my little old man!   ~Lee Stevens

I volunteer for Droopy Basset Rescue and my hubby and I went to a home around Pittsburgh where we live! The house had 2 bassets and they were there alone! They were fed my the mans brother, where the man was in the hospital for drug and alcohol addiction! The digs barked day and night and the neighbors were threatening to call animal control! Well the one bassets was hard to get! He barked and growled at us, even the brother! Finally corralled Jed! We took him home as a foster and took Daisy to another foster already set up! Well Jed was 8 because we got his papers! Daisy was in our system before! Anyhow Jed didn't want anything to do with us! Barked and barked! Finally he settled a bit! Any other person who came to visit he would go balistic! He settled more and more as the years went on! Couldn't find a home for him so we adopted him! He would only tolerate us! When I have fosters I tell potential adopters the truth about them! I don't candy-coat things! Not fair to the dog and people! Jed stayed with us for 5 yrs, then he crossed! The Rescue has a major fundraiser in July called Slobberfest! Well Jed could never go because of how he acted, even in hotels he would bark like crazy! The year he crossed he was already wearing diapers! You could never touch his back end or brush him for any length of time! We still loved him, because he was special to us! So we took him to Slobberfest that year and he did pretty good! Mind you he was already 13 and slowing down! We stayed in a hotel for 2 nights and Jed stayed with our pres of Droopy where other fosters are kept! Had a hard time getting him in there and didn't like anyone! We came home and he was not walking right where his back legs were already failing! He finally didn't walk in back at all but still would pull himself! Then Jed stopped eating! Nothing! His pee smelled very potent! Just closed down! Helped him cross! His ashes are there in our TV room with out other 2 a beagle and Basset! He was our beloved son and we loved him no matter the problems! They were not his fault! Still miss you Jed!   ~Susan Hinz